Friday, 23 May 2014

An index of diversity describes the relationship between the number of species and the number of individuals in a community. Calculation of an index of diversity from the formula. Candidates should be able to • calculate the index of diversity from suitable data • interpret data relating to the effects of human activity on species diversity and be able to evaluate associated benefits and risks • discuss the ways in which society uses science to inform the making of decisions relating to biodiversity.

The index of diversity is a way of quantifying species diversity.

The formula is as follows (this will be given in an exam):
where N= total number of organisms of all species (community)
and n= total number of organisms of each species

This means that, if we take a quadrant from a rain forest and we see one tree, five birds, twenty ants and two snakes the equation will be as follows:


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  1. Formula displays the theory clearly. There are a lot of factors can affect the biodiversity including surroundings, the change of environment, the activities of human beings. What the normal people can do is to stop polluting environment.